Trump says November 5 will be ‘JUDGMENT DAY’ for enemies of liberty

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump brought the heat on Saturday in Washington, D.C., elevating the integral importance of Election Day 2024.

He said that November 5, 2024 “will be our NEW LIBERATION DAY” and noted that for the “liars, cheaters, and fraudsters” who had opposed the cause of freedom, “IT WILL BE THEIR JUDGEMENT DAY.”

He added that upon a prospective victory, the “sun rises on a bright new future for America,” explaining that he believed this year is “our last chance.”

President Trump further derided Joe Biden as a “threat to democracy” and slammed the ongoing political persecution. “The only crime I’ve ever committed is defending America,” he said.

“And they’re very angry at me because I won an election that wasn’t supposed to happen – and they were caught off guard,” he continued.

Trump said, “They’re trying to steal my liberty…we’re going to BREAK FREE from their grip very soon.”

President Trump is the frontrunner to win the South Carolina GOP primary on Saturday.

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