Trump says the U.S. is ‘not respected anymore,’ gives major hint about 2024 in an interview with Nigel Farage

President Trump sat down with Nigel Farage in an interview that first aired on Wednesday to discuss the 45th president’s political future.

In his first broadcast interview with a British news organization since the 2020 election, Trump presented a scathing criticism of the Biden administration and talked about the highlights of his administration. Trump also reiterated the importance of fixing the “rigged” 2020 election and securing GOP seats in the 2022 midterm elections.

Nigel Farage, who is a former member of the European Parliament, was instrumental in the Brexit movement, which Trump supported during his 2016 campaign. Farage and Trump developed a friendship during the events of Brexit and Trump’s 2016 campaign, and Farage was the first British politician to meet with Trump after he was elected President. Farage’s latest interview with the 45th president provides an in-depth look at American and world politics in the aftermath of the 2020 election and Covid-19 pandemic.

When asked about America’s level of respect in the world and American global leadership, Trump said, “I think it’s at the lowest point it’s ever been at. I don’t think it’s ever been in a position like this.” Trump also stated, “We’re not respected anymore.”

Trump contrasted the high level of respect the United States had during his presidency with the low level of respect the United States has under the current administration. He also highlighted the major differences between his administration and the Biden administration, giving insight into why the United States is experiencing major problems today.

Concerning global issues Trump and Farage discussed problems in the Middle East with Iran and Afghanistan, China’s aggression toward Taiwan, and North Korea. Trump said these issues were not problems when he was in office but they have become problems under the Biden administration.

Farage also questioned Trump about the United States’ border crisis, comparing it with the border crisis in Europe. The 45th president claimed the issue of the border was one of multiple reasons he won the 2016 election. Describing the current border situation, Trump said, “Now it’s worse than it ever was in the history of our country.” Once again contrasting his policies with the Biden administration’s policies, Trump said, “We had the best border situation in the history of our country.” After a year of the Biden administration, Trump says we “have the worst border.”

Throughout the interview, Farage and Trump presented the disappointing facts regarding America’s state of leadership in the world and the many problems currently facing the world. Trump pointed out, “The big thing is gonna be inflation,” explaining that inflation was not only affecting the United States but also many other countries throughout the world.

A major issued discussed in Farage’s interview with the 45th President was the 2020 election and election integrity. When Farage brought up the tens of millions of ballots sent in the mail during the election, Trump responded, “They used Covid, or the China-virus as I call it, to rob and rig and steal an election.”

When asked whether Americans should focus on what happened in the 2020 election or on future elections moving forward, Trump stated, “It has to be both.” He explained that in order to prevent the problems that occurred in the 2020 election from happening in future elections, attention has to be given to the “rigged” 2020 election.

At the end of the interview, Farage asked Trump why he would consider another run for president after all the attacks he suffered from the liberal media and liberals throughout the world, especially considering the incredible success Trump has had throughout his life. Trump responded, “If you love the country, you have no choice.”

Trump’s love and commitment to the United States has been evident since the start of his 2016 campaign. After a historic first term as President, Trump seemed to strongly suggest his decision regarding a potential 2024 campaign.

While Trump has not officially announced his decision to run for another term as President, he told Farage, “I think we’re gonna have a very big 2022 and I think we’re gonna have an even bigger 2024.” His comments offer perhaps the best indication yet that he is planning another campaign for president, giving a glimpse of hope to Americans during the Christmas season.

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