Trump says the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling means he WON in 2020

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President Trump shared a triumphant post on Truth Social in response to news of the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s ruling to make absentee drop boxes illegal.

“This means I won the very closely contested (not actually!) Wisconsin Presidential race because they used these corrupt and scandal-ridden Scam Boxes,” he stated.

On Friday, the Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that the state’s standing statutory regulations require that absentee ballots be delivered personally to the clerk or an authorized representative of the clerk. Absentee drop boxes were found to have violated that requirement.

According to the 4-3 ruling, The Gateway Pundit reported that drop boxes can only be placed inside election offices where they can be observed.

“[Ballot] drop boxes can be used for voters to return ballots but clerks should ensure they are secure, can be monitored for security purposes, and should be regularly emptied,” the court stated.

The Associated Press reported that the decision sets absentee ballot rules for the upcoming 2022 midterm elections in the battleground state, including a primary election in August and a general election in November.

Drop boxes have drawn the suspicion of many Americans following their increased use amid the coronavirus pandemic. According to evidence put forth by the election integrity organization True the Vote in Dinesh D’Souza’s hit investigative documentary, “2000 Mules,” ballot drop boxes across the nation were targeted by a nationwide ballot trafficking conspiracy.

True the Vote founder Catherine Engelbrecht previously stated, “A mule, by our definition, is a person who is involved in picking up ballots from locations and running them to the drop boxes.”

According to The Gateway Pundit, Joe Biden won Wisconsin in 2020 with under 21,000 votes. Wisconsin is one of the five key states investigated by True the Vote, which they allege was a hotbed of ballot trafficking activity.

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