Trump says unsealed GA grand jury report has ‘ZERO credibility’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

The Georgia special grand jury in the case that has been brought against President Trump by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has unsealed their report, prompting a response from the 45th president.

He wrote on Truth Social on Friday, “The Georgia Grand Jury report has just been released. It has ZERO credibility and badly taints Fani Willis and this whole political Witch Hunt.”

The full report is 26 pages long, citing definitions in the case of attempted election “interference” and racketeering, as well as a slate of recommended indictments for high profile Trump associates or political figures. However, not everyone in the report ended up getting charged in the formal indictment that came down in August.

Trump explained, “Essentially, they wanted to indict anybody who happened to be breathing at the time. It totally undermines the credibility of the findings, and badly hurts the Great State of Georgia, whose wonderful and patriotic people are not happy with this charade of an out of control ‘prosecutor’ doing the work of, and for, the DOJ. ELECTION INTERFERENCE!”

A cursory review of the special report reveals little to no new shocking information about the Georgia probe that indicted Trump on 41 counts related to alleged election meddling that dates back to 2020. The crux of the case is built on phone calls that the president made to Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger shortly after the presidential election.

18 Trump allies and associates were charged in the case, as well.

According to The Guardian, Trump’s defense lawyer in the Fulton County case notified the judge this week that the president may seek to transfer the trial venue by requesting a potential move into the federal court system.

Despite his legal woes, President Trump’s nationwide poll numbers are better than ever. A new poll from Premise Data found that in a general election, Trump held a six-point lead over Biden in a potential November 2024 head-to-head battle.

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