WATCH: Iowa State students go WILD for Trump as he greets fans and autographs footballs

by Grace Saldana

In his next stop on the road to 2024, President Trump made an appearance at an Iowa State University agricultural frat house to say hello to college students and have some fun before heading to the Iowa vs. Iowa State football game.

Hundreds of excited young voters cheered for the 45th president and broke out into “TRUMP!” chants when he stepped outside to greet them. One student estimated at least 500 people were packed in the small patio of the Alpha Gamma Rho house.

President Trump signed several footballs that read “TRUMP” and tossed them into the crowd of students.

In a quick interview with RSBN, Trump remarked “This is some turnout!” Recapping his Friday night speech in South Dakota, he mentioned his big endorsement from South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

Replying to a question from RSBN’s Brian Glenn about students’ concerns over rising prices for consumers, President Trump said, “Gasoline is going up, your heating is going up, everything. We’re going to bring it all the way down where I had it. We’re going to do a little bit of drilling, I can tell you that, right away.”

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