Trump says what everyone is thinking: ‘Everything Joe Biden touches turns to sh*t!’

by Summer Lane

President Trump took several big swings at Joe Biden on Saturday in Rome, Georgia, where he eviscerated the country’s ongoing illegal immigration issues, the flailing economy, and Biden’s “dark” State of the Union speech.

Trump told a fired-up crowd: “Everything Joe Biden touches turns to SH*T – everything!”

The crowd laughed when Trump dropped this unexpected comment. He joked that he tried to think of another word for describing Joe Biden’s touch, but “sh*t” simply fit the bill better than most words.

“EVERYTHING,” he pressed.

He noted that he was experiencing horrible political and legal persecution simply “because I am running for president and leading big in the polls.”

Trump also vowed that “we’re NOT GOING TO ALLOW THEM to rig the presidential election of 2024!”

The president further spent time honoring the life of 22-year-old slain Georgia nursing student Laken Riley, who was murdered by an alleged illegal migrant from Venezuela. Preceding his remarks, Trump met with her grieving family and embraced her mother. See the touching photo from Trump Senior Advisor Chris LaCivita here:

“We vow to keep Laken’s memory alive for as long as we are here on this Earth,” he promised.

Trump also eviscerated Biden’s angry and chaotic State of the Union speech, adding, “Joe Biden should not be shouting angrily at America, America should be shouting angrily at Joe Biden and we should be saying CROOKED JOE, YOU’RE FIRED, GET OUT OF HERE, YOU’RE FIRED, YOU’RE INCOMPETENT!”

The president even poked fun at Joe Biden’s incessant cough during the State of the Union, noting that it was a “nervous” habit. He joked that he wouldn’t want to shake Biden’s hand after he coughed into it.

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