Trump set to speak at National Republican Congressional Committee dinner tonight

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump reminded his supporters on Monday morning that he would be doing a roundtable and speaking at the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) annual dinner in Tampa, Fla.

“Looking forward to being there!” Trump said. The gala, which is likely one of many GOP events President Trump will attend as the 2022 midterms get closer, is meant to rally Republicans in the wake of a “red wave” of conservative victories that swept the nation last week. 

The most impressive victory, perhaps, was the gubernatorial race of Virginia, in which Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin catapulted to victory, surpassing Democrat Terry McAuliffe, and becoming the first Republican governor since 2009, effectively flipping Virginia from solid blue to red.

Additionally, Republicans picked up six seats in the House of Delegates, effectively seizing the majority – and the winning didn’t stop there. Republicans also had victories in the Ohio congressional race with Rep. Mike Carey’s victory for the 15th District, as well as several additional victories in the Pennsylvania judicial races. 

It would appear that conservatism is experiencing a resurgence in the United States, which is likely a direct response to the radical progressive policies being implemented by Joe Biden and his administration. Since Biden has been in the White House, the string of economic catastrophes and national military failures has been seemingly endless, from the crisis at the southern border and the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan to devastating reports of nationwide unemployment and a crippling supply chain crisis. 

In light of the current state of the Union, Republicans are poised to take back their power, pitching more conservative and America-first idealism to a beleaguered American public who has been heavily weighed down by Biden and radical Democrat lawmakers’ aggressive policies. Trump’s presence at the NRCC dinner tonight is sure to be an encouragement to proponents of the GOP establishment, as well as those who have been hoping for Trump’s return to the Republican platform. 

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