Trump shares hopeful outlook for America’s future: ‘We can be great again’

2JD75A2 Former U.S. president Donald Trump speaks to an audience at the "American Freedom Tour" event in Memphis, Tennessee, U.S., June 18, 2022. REUTERS/Karen Pulfer Focht

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Now that Joe Biden has officially steered the United States into a recession, even traditionally liberal voters are saying the country is headed in the wrong direction. However, on a positive note, according to President Donald Trump, there is still time to turn the ship around.

“We can turn it around and we can make America great again,” Trump said in an interview with his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, that was published Thursday.

“And that’s what I’m all about – Make America Great Again,” he added.

Acknowledging that things have taken a turn for the worse since he left office, the president noted, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen the country in such danger as it is right now – we’re in serious danger. And also, we’re just not in the same place. We are, right now, not a great country.”

Trump slammed the current administration for its support of the Green New Deal and its handling of relations with Russia, holding that the United States’ global influence has diminished to the point where the country is now “being laughed at by the entire world.”

He added, “You look at all of the things that are wrong, with the economy, with the military – our woke military… It’s crazy what’s happening to our country in so many different ways, and what I want to see is I want to see America be great again. We can be great again.”

As RSBN previously reported, the Bureau of Economic Analysis recently confirmed that the United States had entered into a recession following two consecutive quarters of decline in gross domestic product growth. 

Further, per Fox News, the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado has begun promoting a fellowship program for “gender minorities” – telling “cisgender” men not to apply – and concerns are increasing that such “woke” programs may be one of the reasons the military is currently experiencing a recruitment crisis.

However, despite these pressing concerns, the president said he hoped Biden would “do a great job” going forward for the sake of the country.

Emphasizing that unity is what the United States needs now, Trump added that, with the right leadership, he believes it is still possible for the people to come together.

“I believe it can happen again,” he said. “I think success can bring the country together.”

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