Trump delivers historic speech at CPAC amid ongoing South Carolina primary election

by Summer Lane

President Trump brought in huge crowds on Saturday afternoon to CPAC 2024 in Washington, D.C., where he delivered a speech on the same day as the South Carolina GOP primary.

“There’s a big election going on today, you probably have read a little bit about it,” he remarked.

He thanked Matt and Mercedes Schlapp upon taking the stage, and noted that the event was a “union of common sense.”

The president’s CPAC speech marked his 14th appearance at the event, which eclipsed the record of former President Ronald Reagan, who made a famous 13 appearances at the annual conference.

“We have to get down to business,” Trump told the room.

He warned that if “Crooked Joe Biden” got four more years in the White House, “the worst is yet to come.”

He additionally railed against the “Green New Scam,” which is an environmentally-driven agenda that would destroy American manufacturing and energy production. He also warned that Biden would continue to “hunt” for people of faith and allow Hamas to brutalize communities with its ideology.

Trump concluded, “These are the stakes of this election…the only thing standing between you and its [America’s] obliteration, is me.”

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