45 at CPAC: ‘A vote for Trump is your TICKET BACK TO FREEDOM’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump gave bold remarks on Saturday afternoon at CPAC, where he warned that Joe Biden was leading the nation on a “fast track to hell.”

The president took the stage, greeted by a packed audience in Washington, D.C., as the South Carolina GOP primary election had already been underway for several hours.

He declared, “A vote for Trump is your ticket back to FREEDOM, it’s your passport out of TYRANNY, and it’s your ONLY ESCAPE from Joe Biden and his gang’s fast track to HELL – and in many ways we’re living in hell right NOW.”

Trump called Biden a “threat to democracy.” He joked that, in the theme of his former reality television show, “Celebrity Apprentice,” the American people would tell Biden in November: “You’re FIRED!”

The crowd was fired up to see Trump and at one point erupted into cheers of “WE LOVE TRUMP!”

The president explained that in order to “achieve a great future, we first have to throw off the chains” of the corrupt political class that has wielded iron-fisted control over America for far too long.

Trump further described himself as a “proud political dissident” and brought his remarks forth today “not only as your past and hopefully FUTURE president.”

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