Trump slams ‘disgraceful judicial system’ in wake of Danchenko verdict

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President Trump dropped a truth bomb on Thursday on his aptly-titled social media platform, Truth Social, ripping the justice system for failing to deliver a “fair shake” to Special Counsel John Durham in the trial of Igor Danchenko.

“The disgraceful judicial system was on full display yet again with the Danchenko Verdict,” Trump wrote. “Durham could not get a fair shake in the Swamp of biased and partisan juries, where you are told that no Republican based or supported case can be won no matter how good it is, & judges that are biased, unfair and angry that it is literally dangerous to be in court!”

Trump’s initial response to Danchenko’s acquittal

Per RSBN, Danchenko was a key player in providing information for the debunked dossier from Chrisopher Steele, which the FBI further leveraged in its investigation against President Trump in 2016 regarding “Russian collusion” allegations.

Danchenko was acquitted on four counts of lying to the FBI on Tuesday, drawing criticism from many at the alleged duplicity of the justice system.

Trump continued, “I was told by many that Durham’s case was a great one but he has ZERO chance of winning in ‘that Court.’ Sorry Justice Roberts, but so true!”

Danchenko’s acquittal came as a surprise to some, especially after a bombshell filing was dropped by Durham in September regarding Danchenko’s alleged connection to the FBI.

As previously reported by RSBN, attorney and commentator Jonathan Turley stated at the time:

“Yesterday, a filing by Special Counsel John Durham revealed that Igor Danchenko, who worked as a key contributor to the discredited Steele dossier funded by the Clinton campaign, was later put on the FBI payroll as an informant.”

Initially, Danchenko faced five counts of lying to the FBI. One charge was dropped in October, per Breitbart. This week, he was acquitted on all four remaining charges.

“A very sad result for our Justice System, but so much has been exposed—far more than anyone thought possible,” Trump commented on Truth Social earlier this week.

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