Trump SLAMS Judge Engoron

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

President Trump slammed New York City Judge Arthur Engoron amidst an ongoing civil fraud trial.

As President Trump fights yet another witch hunt against him in the form of the justice system weaponized by the Democrat Party, Judge Engoron continues his trial. A trial where he believes that President Trump committed fraud, according to AP News. 

The latest to come out of the trial is that President Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, has been ordered to testify in the trial, as reported by RSBN, prompting criticism from President Trump. 

Now, President Trump has further expressed his discontent at the trial in another post on Truth Social. He wrote, “Judge Engoron is a political hack who ruled against me before the trial even started. He is doing the dirty work for the Democrat Party.” 

President Trump listed all the reasons why the trial against him is nothing more than political persecution and election interference. He wrote, “I was not even given the option of a jury,” which is unusual for a civil case. Trump added, “This Rigged Case should have never been brought, but since it was, it should have been in the Commercial Division, but Engoron WOULD NOT LET GO OF IT.” 

This isn’t the first time that President Trump and Engoron have faced each other in a courtroom. For three years, Engoron has been involved with New York State A.G. Letitia James’s case against President Trump, as reported by AP News.   

President Trump continued to write, “He fought us, sanctioned us for no reason, fined us big money, never gave us even a one day delay. This is his big chance, and he was not going to let it go.”  

Bringing up more reasons why the trial is a sham, President Trump added, “In the meantime, they “lost” their Star Witness, and my Financial Statements are GREAT! There was no fraud, so they are working with the corrupt A.G. whose campaign was [I will get Trump] to develop something, anything.”

The investigation into President Trump has gone back to 2014, which President Trump has called out, saying is “past the Statute of Limitations, to look at a [low ball] offer I made for the Buffalo Bills. Someone else offered much more, so what? Now they come up with something called [disgorgement.]I never even heard of the term.

In closing, President Trump had written what the trial actually is, “WITCH HUNT!!! ELECTION INTERFERENCE!!!”

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