Trump spokesperson reacts to Tucker exit: ‘Fox News is controlled opposition’

A spokeswoman for President Donald Trump, Liz Harrington, remarked on Twitter following the shocking news of Tucker Carlson’s departure from Fox News that the network was “controlled opposition.”

“Fox News is controlled opposition,” she wrote on Twitter.

As reported by RSBN, news of this surprising move from Carlson and Fox broke on Monday morning, rattling many viewers on social media who overwhelmingly indicated that they would not watch the network anymore without Carlson.

“I just canceled my $40 a month subscription to Sling TV just to watch @TuckerCarlson live every night,” one Twitter user wrote. “I also canceled my fox nation.”

Another Twitter user stated, “Tucker Carlson was the last lifeline for Fox News. They are done.”

Shortly after reports surrounding Carlson’s exit from the network surfaced, “RIP Fox News” and “Done with Fox” began trending on Twitter.

Via Fox News, Carlson’s show began in 2016, and the last episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” aired on Friday, April 21.

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon reacted live to Carlson’s plight on “War Room.” He said, “With this, I don’t know why anybody would need to watch anything on the Murdoch empire because Tucker was the mainstay of the populist voice over at Fox.”

CEO of Becker News, Kyle Becker, pointed out on Twitter that Carlson had the most-watched program on primetime cable news, and that Tucker’s departure from Fox followed Dan Bongino’s exit last week.

This also comes just one week after Fox News settled a massive lawsuit with Dominion Voting System regarding their reporting on the 2020 election, RSBN reported Monday morning.

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