Trump takes a stand for FARMERS in Iowa: ‘I am proud to be the most pro-farmer president’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump claimed the title of “most pro-farmer president” in history during remarks delivered in Council Bluffs, Iowa, at an energetic rally focused on the state’s agricultural community and ethanol production.

He declared, “I am proud to be the most pro-farmer president that you’ve ever had in the White House. We did more for American agriculture than any administration in history, by far.”

President Trump’s arrival in Iowa this week comes just one week after he held a monster rally in Pickens, South Carolina, as the 2024 presidential campaign season has begun to heat up.

Throngs of eager supporters lined the streets of the community, hoping to hear President Trump speak to supporters on Friday, despite hours of waiting in the rain.

Trump continued, “Under my leadership, our Department of Agriculture cut seven old regulations for every one new regulation, saving farmers and taxpayers hundreds of MILLIONS of dollars a year.”

The president also highlighted the following actions that he took to protect American farmers:

  • Worked to eliminate the “death tax” or “estate tax,”
  • Ended the “disaster” of NAFTA, which he called “horrible,” and replaced it with USMCA,
  • Stood up to China “like no other administration has ever done before, bringing hundreds of billions of dollars pouring into our treasury from China,”
  • Gave United States farmers $28 billion from those Chinese tariffs.

He additionally pointed out that he had negotiated “more than 50 agreements to boost farm exports by billions of dollars, supporting millions of American jobs.”

Trump added that he fought for “ethanol” like “no president” in history.

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