Trump talks to service members at the Texas border: ‘what you do is incredible’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump visited service members at the Texas southern border on Sunday, serving up food to Texas Department of Public Safety troopers and National Guardsmen. He took photos and talked with service members as they came down the line.

Per RSBN, he served nearly 200 troopers and guardsmen on Sunday morning.

President Trump delivered brief remarks inside the hanger area, where he spoke to the service members and thanked them for doing an “incredible” job protecting the southern border.

He stated, “You want to make sure our country is safe, and I know that almost every one of you individually…you do an incredible job and you love your country – you take the hard way out but it’s also the right way out.”

The president also derided the ongoing illegal immigration crisis at the border, noting, “We’re [America] like a dumping ground and we’re not going to put up with it.”

Trump further slammed Kamala Harris for failing to visit the border, despite her status as the so-called “Border Czar.”

He said, “Kamala Harris is supposed to be here – she’s never been here. I’ve been here many times…Once we get in [in 2025]… Governor, your job is going to become a much easier job!”

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