Trump targets every House and Senate Democrat in addition to Biden

President Donald Trump has made resolving the border crisis a central theme of his 2024 campaign. In a campaign video posted to Truth Social on Thursday, Trump broadened his message to include the entire Democratic Party that supports the policies pushed by the Biden administration.

“Crooked Joe Biden is the worst, most incompetent, and most corrupt president in the history of our country,” Trump said. “But it’s very important to understand the problem is not just Joe Biden. It’s every single elected Democrat in the House and the Senate.”

Trump continued to point to the border crisis, which has consistently ranked as one of the most significant concerns for voters in the 2024 election cycle.

As Trump’s message on the border gains momentum, even Democrats are realizing that open border policies are not popular with most Americans and will be an electoral liability going into November. With control of Congress at stake, many Democrat representatives are attempting to reframe the issue as a Democratic priority to put themselves in a better position with voters.

In his Truth Social post, Trump emphasized the past voting records of Democrats. “Just look at what their voting records are and what they’re all about,” Trump said. “Every single Democrat in the Senate voted against the Laken Riley Act because they want to shield illegal alien migrants from criminal prosecution. They want to take care of criminals, and they want to keep them from deportation.”

Trump continued to point out the overall implications of allowing the border crisis to continue unabated. “Every single Senate Democrat voted to count millions and millions of illegal aliens in the census so that illegal immigrants get representation in Congress and in presidential elections,” Trump said. “Thus, every Democrat voted to support the invasion of our country.”

With the election approaching, the Trump campaign continues to focus on the immigration issue, which consistently ranks high in importance among voters.

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