Trump’s strong stance on illegal immigration is resonating with American voters in 2024

2T8C462 Edinburg, USA. 13th Nov, 2023. Former President DONALD TRUMP arrives at the border in south Texas at the South Texas International Airport in Edinburg as he visits with the Texas governor and briefly serves means to state troopers serving in Operation Lone Star border security effort. Pool photo by Delcia Lopez

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President Donald Trump’s no-nonsense approach to solving Biden’s border catastrophe is resonating with prospective American voters across the country, and it’s no mystery why.

Millions of unvetted illegal migrants have poured over the open borders since Joe Biden stepped into the Oval Office, following his immediate and swift dismantlement of Trump-era immigration regulations and protocols.

President Trump has vowed to take swift and immediate action to close the open border in a prospective 2025 administration. He has also committed to kick-starting a nationwide deportation operation.

He told Fox News this year, “We have no choice, and the way you do it is your local police. We have the greatest police, and they don’t get the respect that they have to get. They are treated so badly.”

Previously, Trump has touched on his intention to invoke the Alien Enemies Act, which gives executive authority to the president to kick out non-citizen entities within the United States who are either dangerous or simply anti-American.

Trump has also referenced former President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s 1950s-era deportation operation as a reference point for his own deportation plan. However, many more millions of illegals have crossed the border under the Biden administration than in the 1950s, which means a Trump-era operation would require quite a bit more manpower.

Eisenhower’s original operation in the 1950s was carried out via Border Patrol agents, the Mexican government, and local authorities. Based on Trump’s previous comments, it seems as if he plans to rely heavily on local law enforcement to implement mass deportation efforts.

The deluge of illegal immigration and rapidly increasing migrant-related crime in America’s cities have affected law-abiding citizens deeply, and the polls prove it. According to a new poll from AP/NORC, two-thirds of voters actively disapprove of how Biden has handled border security during his time in the White House. Even more importantly, 43 percent of Hispanic Americans disapprove of Biden’s job securing the border – a crucial voting bloc.

As Biden bleeds support over his catastrophic border policies, Trump is gaining support. RSBN previously reported that Trump, for example, is holding stronger-than-ever support among Hispanics, who said that they would vote for Trump over Biden in a hypothetical general election (46 percent against Biden’s 40 percent).

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