Trump tells Bannon Covid lab leak cost $60 trillion, promises reparations ‘in some form’

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump told Steve Bannon on War Room last week that the shocking cost of the Covid pandemic on the U.S. was around $60 trillion. He promised that if he returns to the White House in 2024, China will be forced to face what they have done.

Trump stated that he had a good relationship with Chinese President Xi Jinping until Covid. “Once Covid came, that was a step too far,” Trump said. “…that cost the world millions of lives and about $60 trillion.”

He added that China would pay reparations “in some form,” while noting that it was virtually impossible for any country to pay off a $60 trillion debt.

The president also reminded Bannon that he was among the first people to point out that the novel coronavirus likely originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology, which garnered him immense criticism in 2020. “I never veered from that,” he pointed out.

As reported by RSBN, Trump told Fox News’ Mark Levin earlier this year that he believed the Covid virus was China’s way of punching back at the U.S. in response to the Trump administration’s heavy taxes and tariffs on the communist superpower.

“I was probably the first one, I said it came from the lab in Wuhan… I was charging China so much money in tariffs and taxes that a lot of people said they did it to take me out,” he stated.

Trump has also boldly put forth a four-part plan as part of his 2024 Agenda47 platform that would end America’s dependence on China by imposing universal tariffs, revoking their “Most Favored Nation” status, banning federal contracts that outsource to China, and halting China from buying up American land, RSBN revealed in February.

“My agenda will tax CHINA to build up AMERICA,” he declared. “The heart of my vision is a sweeping pro-American overhaul of our tax and trade policy to move from the Biden system that punishes domestic producers and rewards outsourcers, to a system that REWARDS domestic production and taxes FOREIGN companies and those who export American Jobs.”

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