Trump: ‘The people of our country are looking for HOPE’

by Alex Caldwell

While addressing supporters at a rally in Philadelphia on Saturday, President Trump explained that the American people are “looking for hope.”

After joking about his previous imitation of Joe Biden during his rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, President Trump touted how he had “107,000 people” at the event, which he said was “like a love fest” because it was so peaceful.

Trump called the Wildwood event a “rainbow coalition,” noting that there “wasn’t one bad word uttered, there wasn’t a fight, it was like a love fest.”

“It was the most beautiful day. Everybody came together. You know why? Because the people of our country are looking for HOPE. Whether they’re white, brown, black, or anything else, they’re looking for hope. They’re tired of being called ‘stupid people’ all over the world.

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