Trump responds to Biden ‘cheap fakes’ videos during campaign stop

by Alex Caldwell

During President Trump’s campaign rally in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on Saturday, the 45th president addressed his campaign’s viral clips which show just how unfit Joe Biden is to run the country.

As previously reported by RSBN, a series of baffling video clips have been showing Biden acting rather peculiarly in public.

However, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre had dismissed these videos and called them “cheap fakes,” according to Fox News.

Nonetheless, Trump pulled no punches when addressing the matter during his rally on Saturday night, saying that if he himself were to “say one word slightly out,” the mainstream media would say he was “cognitively impaired,” all while covering for Biden’s mishaps.

“Biden can run into walls, he can fall off the stage, he can fall up the stairs—he falls up!” said Trump. “From 20,000 feet, a paratrooper is landing right in front of him. Everybody, all the foreign leaders—they’re watching—and he turns around and looks at a tree.”

Trump criticized the White Houses’ response for supposedly calling the videos “fake,” then adding that “the press goes along with it.”

“The worst president in history, by far,” Trump said of Biden. “We have to get him out, or this country is not going to survive another year.”

In the first video, which came out on June 11, footage from a Juneteenth music event showed people like Kamala Harris and Biden enjoying the music. However, the clip showed Biden appearing to be frozen while others danced around him.

A second video from June 13 showed a skydiving show in Europe with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and other world leaders. In the clip, Biden turns his back on the leaders and appears to wander off.

The latest video went viral on Sunday, where former President Barack Obama was captured supposedly walking Biden off the stage at a fundraiser where the incumbent appeared to freeze yet again.

The videos have raised concerns about Biden’s mental decline and ability to run as president. 

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