Trump: ‘This is the greatest humiliation in the history of our country’

by Ashley Muñoz

President Donald Trump in an interview on Monday ripped apart Joe Biden’s horrific and disastrous “surrender” to the Taliban which he describes as “the greatest humiliation in the history of our country.”

Asking for an opinion on the most urgent problem facing the country, One America News Network’s Dan Ball began the interview with a question regarding Afghanistan.

After he asked Trump what his assessment was of the withdrawal “debacle,” the 45th president replied, “This is greatest humiliation in the history of our country, in my opinion. This is a psychological humiliation and a military humiliation.”

“And when Biden said he’s taking out the military before he takes out the people or the equipment, I said, that can’t be possible,” he continued. “I figured the press got it wrong.”

When asked for what his response would be to American families who lost a loved one in this war, Trump said, “All I could do is apologize for this gross miscalculation of this administration.”

Pointing out the difference between his approach to America’s longest war from Biden’s, he told Ball that under the Trump administration, America’s enemies knew better than to threaten U.S. citizens.

“Not one soldier was killed for 18 months, under me. Because they understood if they killed any of the American soldiers, any American period, anybody gets killed, we go after them like I did many times,” Trump explained.

President Trump’s “peace through strength” foreign policy approach proved to be effective with U.S. adversaries around the world in ways that no one thought possible, and ultimately, it saved American lives. Once Biden stepped in, our enemies smelled weakness and seized on the opportunity to take advantage of the United States – and the consequences of that are tragically irreversible.

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