Trump to Lou Dobbs: ‘Mandates are a disaster’

President Donald Trump released a media advisory on Wednesday encouraging supporters to listen to his recent interview with the “great Lou Dobbs” where he answers a plethora of questions.

On the podcast, President Donald Trump told Dobbs, host of the Great America Show, that mandates are a “disaster” for the economy after the former Fox spokesperson asked him to address Joe Biden’s economy.

In conjunction, Trump said that “inflation is rampant” and that the “energy situation” is stifling the country’s wealth. Contrasting his policies from Biden, Trump said America was “energy independent” under his leadership, but now “we’re buying from Russia.” Criticizing Biden for demonstrating weakness, Trump stated that Russia is concentrating on the current state of America and “laughing out loud.”

In response, Dobbs praised Trump for making America energy independent and reprimanded Biden for destroying that in less than a year’s time.

Switching gears, the conservative duo discussed the “bare shelves,” in stores across the nation. While the cost of commodities is skyrocketing, supplies are becoming scarcer. In January, #BareShelvesBiden became a trending hashtag as Americans uploaded pictures of grocery stores with empty shelves.

Trump contended that, in his term, “we didn’t sit around and talk about the supply chain,” but now it has become the focus of many conversations. In addition, Trump highlighted that the publisher for his new book, “Our Journey Together,” can’t purchase paper, glue, ink, or leather because of the supply chain crisis.

Fast forward, Dobbs and Trump go on to discuss election integrity, future elections, and the 45th president’s rally tour. On Jan.15, Trump energized a crowd of nearly 60,000 after promising to “Stage a comeback the likes of which nobody has ever seen.”

The next event for the MAGA star is scheduled for Jan. 29, in Conroe, Texas, and Trump expects tens of thousands of his “tremendously strong base” to attend.

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