Trump unveils latest policy plan, ‘protecting students from the radical left and Marxist maniacs!’

2AGWBXD Florida, USA. 21 December 2019. President Donald Trump speaks at the 2019 Turning Point USA Student Action Summit - Day 3 at the Palm Beach County Convention Center on December 20, 2019 in West Palm Beach, Florida. People: President Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump is committed to fixing the broken education system. On Tuesday, he addressed the rising costs of college and academics’ obsession “with indoctrinating America’s youth.”

Trump described a need to “reclaim” colleges from the “radical left” and fix the college accreditation system. His plan is to fire current accreditors who have allowed colleges to “become dominated by Marxist maniacs and lunatics.” 

The Foundation for Economic Education reported on the results of Marxism entering the higher education system 30 years ago, and how that has led to the woke ideologies and divisive identity politics being taught on college campuses today. They concluded that the divide-and-conquer tactics used in communist countries in the past are now threatening America today. 

While these ideologies are hailed by the left, they have yet to produce high success rates. In 2019, Forbes blamed colleges for turning out “The Highest Unemployment Rate” for college graduates in decades. 

In recent years lists of the “Most Useless College Degrees” have become popular. Earlier this year, EDsmart listed 20 costly college degree programs which do little to nothing to aid students once they enter their field. 

In addition, college enrollment has reached historic lows, according to Fortune Magazine. While the pandemic is often used as a scapegoat, enrollment has been on the decline since at least 2015, per the National Student Clearinghouse.

President Trump is acknowledging these failures. He addressed the situation in a speech on education back in March, via RSBN, and now he has laid out a plan to take action once reclaiming the White House. 

The 45th president has committed to hiring new accreditors, requiring colleges to teach the importance of defending the West and free speech. He also plans to remove DEI bureaucrats, offer accelerated learning options and job placement programs as well as college entrance and exit exams

President Trump detailed how the DOJ would be ordered to investigate and punish colleges that discriminate based on race to further “equity” and that victims of discrimination would receive restitution

He reminded Americans that colleges received “hundreds of billions of dollars” in taxpayer funding.

In order to ensure that college students are learning valuable lessons, which will aid them in their future endeavors, President Trump declared, “We are going to have REAL education in America!”

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