Trump visits East Palestine in wake of toxic chemical disaster

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump arrived in East Palestine, Ohio, on Wednesday Feb. 22 to hand out clean water and other supplies to the people affected by the toxic chemical train disaster. 

The disaster, which happened on Friday Feb. 3, per ABC News, has sparked controversy due to the lack of response from the Biden administration. FEMA aid was initially denied for residents of the area, per RSBN, until President Trump announced his mid-week visit.  

He commented on the subject when questioned about what he would have done differently in Florida on Feb. 20 LIVE on RSBN.

“We would’ve had funds there. We would’ve had doctors there. We would’ve known what was happening, and we would’ve taken care of — and we would’ve consoled people. They were left hopeless. The government said they’re not coming, FEMA said they’re not coming. Look, until I announced, two days ago, that I was going, they weren’t doing it,” said Trump.

President Trump’s visit is highly anticipated and his arrival highly publicized on Twitter, via Insider Paper.

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