Trump vows to slash illegal alien housing funds, redirect the money to America’s homeless veterans

by Alex Caldwell

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump promised Saturday to “cut off” the Biden administration’s funding for the transport and housing of illegal aliens. He will instead redirect the savings toward sheltering America’s homeless veterans.

“On day one, I will sign an executive order to cut off Biden’s spigot of money for the shelter and transport of illegal aliens and we will redirect a large portion of the savings to provide shelter and treatment for our own homeless veterans, Trump told supporters during his Veterans Day campaign speech in Claremont, New Hampshire.

Trump maintained that veterans have been “backstabbed” and “betrayed” Joe Biden, accusing the administration of reinstating “5,000 V.A. employees” that had been fired previously by the Trump White House for poor conduct.

Trump blamed the administration for giving the previously fired workers “full backpay” at the cost of $200 million dollars, while concurrently spending “$1 billion to put illegal aliens in hotels” while 33,000 American veterans remain homeless.

“Crooked Joe puts bureaucrats first and illegal aliens first,” said Trump. “I will put VETERANS FIRST and AMERICA FIRST every single time.”

The 45th president then vowed that, if elected to a second term, he would “completely eradicate” homelessness among veterans in America.

“I will make it a personal mission to completely eradicate veterans’ homelessness in America,” said Trump.

He then laid out his vision to appropriate congressional funds towards building a “brand new state-of-the-art-full-service VA hospital” in the state of New Hampshire.

The contrast between how veterans were treated under the Trump and Biden eras could not be more different.

Under Trump, the VA Choice and Quality Employment Act was signed, which gave veterans the ability to see a doctor of their choice without waiting for care.

Trump also changed rules to allow for same-day emergency mental health care for veterans at each VA medical facility while additionally allowing poor-quality employees of the VA to be fired.

Per the Trump White House website, the number of veterans who said they trusted VA services rose from 19 percent to a record high of 91 percent under the Trump presidency.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden, who has repeatedly told false stories about his son, Beau Biden, dying in the Iraq War (Beau Biden tragically died of cancer in 2015), has prioritized housing illegal aliens over sheltering America’s homeless veterans.

In a letter sent to then-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., the Biden White House allegedly requested $1 billion to provide tax-payer funded housing, medical care, food, and legal services to illegal aliens.

Per the New York Post, 5.7 million migrants overseen by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) will more than likely receive these benefits.

The costly program would essentially be a “welfare” program for non-detained illegal migrants awaiting their court dates, former Trump ICE Director Tom Homan told the New York Post.

“They’re going to give legal assistance to illegal aliens at the taxpayers’ expense to fight the government,” he said. All the services combined are a “massive giveaway that are going to cost billions of dollars.”

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