Trump warns against Biden’s weakness as Iran strengthens nuclear arsenal

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump warned against Iran’s growing nuclear power on Monday, predicting that Joe Biden would soon cave under the pressure of the Ayatollah’s prospective firepower.

He wrote on Truth Social, “Would somebody please inform our WORST President in history, Crooked Joe Biden, who doesn’t have a clue, that while he dithers around and illegally attacks his political opponent, ME, and is always trying to blame everyone else for the MANY, MANY, MANY mistakes he has made, IRAN IS RAPIDLY BUILDING A LARGE SCALE ARSENAL OF NUCLEAR WEAPONS.”

Iran has quickly come back under the global limelight over the past few weeks as the Middle East has fallen into conflict amid the Hamas terror invasion of Israel.

The Biden administration has come under intense scrutiny for their actions preceding the invasion, with critics lambasting a hostage negotiation deal that resulted in the United States sending $6 billion to the Iran government.

However, RSBN reported last week that the U.S. and Qatar had agreed to halt the $6 billion as questions have swirled as to whether that money could be linked to funding Hamas terrorists’ war against Israel. It is unclear if the financial freeze will be permanent or not.

Trump, for his part, has remained resolute that under his leadership in the White House, Israel was “safe,” and Iran’s hostile tendencies were appropriately reined in.

President Trump cautioned against the realities of Iran holding the keys to nuclear firepower, continuing, “Once they have them, which will be soon, all negotiations STOP. That’s when our incompetent fool of a President will drop to his knees and beg IRAN for mercy. ‘Please, Please, Please, Mr. Ayatollah, SIR, I will give you everything, I will do anything you demand. Don’t hurt us!’ This is the position that this stupid fool has put us in.”

The president reminded Americans that when he was in office, Iran was “BROKE” and had “NO NUCLEAR WEAPONS, OR PROSPECTS.”

He accused Biden of enriching Iran and explained, “They started the attack on Israel and desperately want to become openly involved. ‘Death to Israel,’ they chant. DON’T LET IRAN HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS!”

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