TRUMP: ‘We will take back America!’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump made a bold promise to supporters to end the Left’s “reign of radicalism” and “take back America!” during his Saturday night rally in Iowa.

“Everything the extreme left touches throughout history, it leads to misery, and destruction, and failure, but with all of you in Iowa and conservative patriots across the country, we will end their reign of radicalism and we will take back America,” the 45th president vowed.

Trump’s remarks prompted patriots to break out in resounding “USA!” chants!

The 45th president’s fiery statement was just one of many he made during the energizing Iowa rally. In his speech, Trump told the crowd, “This is our home, this is our heritage.” He continued, “The United States of America will not tell you how to live, how to think, [or] what to do! You will not be bossed around by incompetent, dishonest, disgusting politicians.”

The crowd went wild when Trump declared, “We are a great, proud, and sovereign nation. We were born free, we will live free.”

President Trump’s comments were welcomed by thousands of supporters in Des Moines. “My fellow Americans,” Trump said, “our movement is far from over. In fact, our fight has only just begun.” Those in attendance broke out into chants of “We love you!”

Preparing voters for the upcoming midterm elections, he also told his supporters that America’s comeback would begin in November 2022, when Republicans “reclaim the House and reclaim the Senate.” The 45th president ended on a patriotic note, promising that America would find her way back to her roots of freedom. “Together we will make American strong again!” he said. “We will make America proud again! We will make America safe again! And we will make America great again! God bless you, thank you Iowa!”

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