Trump weighs in on ‘Omicron’ Covid variant, calls for medical freedom

President Trump addressed the nation’s fears surrounding the newest Covid variant named “Omicron” in a new interview with Fox Business.

The Omicron variant, which is reportedly spreading rapidly within South African provinces, has prompted Joe Biden to implement travel restrictions from South Africa and seven other African provinces, in a move that is eerily similar to President Trump’s initial travel ban on travelers from China coming into the United States in March 2020.  

In his latest remarks, Trump pointed out that Joe Biden’s previous handling of the H1N1 “Swine Flu” during the Obama administration was less than stellar. “We had an election and we did very well…got 12 million more votes than I did the first time. Everyone who said that Biden, who failed with the H1N1 [flu]…a lot of people thought, Biden’s gonna solve the problem [of Covid]…we did a great job, including coming up with the vaccines in nine months instead of 12 years,” he commented. 

Trump also pointed out that he “won” the election in 2020 as reports of staggering election irregularities and fraud build up around the country. “We won that election,” he said. “We didn’t lose that election.”

Additionally, more people have died this year from Covid versus 2020 when President Trump was president. In October, the Covid death toll was reported as being 353,000 versus the previous year, which was reported to be at 352,000, according to research from Johns Hopkins University. “They lost more people this year than last year despite the fact that we have all of the vaccines,” Trump remarked. “He’s [Joe Biden] been so ineffective in doing his job.” 

Fox went on to show a clip of Biden slamming Trump during last year’s presidential debates. “Anyone who’s responsible for not taking control [of the pandemic]…should not remain as President of the United States,” Biden said. Trump responded in kind, “I wanted him to be successful. He’s been totally unsuccessful. It’s a disaster what’s happened.”

Biden’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been seriously called into question, since the virus has not been totally eliminated, despite Biden’s campaign promise to “Build Back Better.” By his own standard, Biden has not “taken control” of the coronavirus pandemic, especially in light of the newest Omicron variant. In March 2020, Biden even called President Trump “xenophobic” in a comment made on Twitter for placing a travel ban on China in response to the spread of the coronavirus. Yet, Biden himself has implemented travel restrictions on South Africa and seven other provinces, highlighting his seemingly egregious double standard of political behavior.

Biden’s approach to fighting Covid has been to attempt to implement nationwide vaccine mandates, which has been ineffective and unconstitutional. 

President Trump concluded his thoughts on Biden’s handling of the newest variant, reminding the audience that even though he took the Covid vaccine himself, Trump supports freedom of medical choice.

“I want people to go out and want to get [vaccinated], but I don’t want to force it into them,” he said. Burdened by tyrannical vaccine mandates under the Biden administration and pressured by the strain of hyperinflation, Americans are longing for a return to the policies of the Trump administration, which attacked the coronavirus, rather than attacking individual liberties of American citizens.

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