Trump welcomes back Justice Clarence Thomas with a meme

by Laura Ramirez

45th President Donald Trump posted a meme on Monday celebrating Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas’ recovery following his discharge from the hospital last week

“Glad to see Clarence Thomas is healthy and doing well,” Trump said via his Save America PAC Monday.

His greeting included a link to a humorous video depicting Thomas’ face on the body of Willy Wonka in a famous scene from the film where Mr. Wonka pretends to fall but then springs up in a joke he plays on the children who have come to see the factory.

Last week, the Supreme Court announced that Thomas was admitted to a hospital after experiencing flu-like symptoms. The court informed that the justice was diagnosed with an infection and would still “participate in the consideration and discussion of any cases for which he is not present on the basis of the briefs, transcripts, and audio of the oral arguments.”

While the court has not provided other details, it has been confirmed that Thomas was not suffering from Covid-19.

Despite missing arguments while in the hospital, Thomas joined a dissent in a ruling following his discharge that would allow the U.S. Navy to consider the vaccination status of sailors against Covid-19 when taking into account deployments.

“Justice Thomas is participating remotely this morning,” Chief Justice John Roberts announced Monday. Roberts expressed Thomas will participate in the consideration and decision in the arguments he missed.

Thomas, the longest-serving member of the nation’s highest court, was appointed by President George H.W Bush in 1991.

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