Trump will restore these FIVE components of American SUCCESS

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump vowed to bring back respect, authority, and power to the United States on Saturday night, making a slate of America First promises that would aim toward making America great again.

His speech was delivered at an energetic “Get Out the Vote Rally” in Richmond, Virginia, which capped off the second of two back-to-back rallies for the president on Saturday. The rallies also marked his final big campaign events before Super Tuesday’s primary elections next week, which will all but cement his position as the prospective Republican presidential nominee.

“From the very first day that we take back the White House from Crooked Joe Biden, I believe we are going to have the four GREATEST years in the history of our country,” he told the massive audience.

In his concluding remarks, Trump made a series of bold pledges, where he vowed to restore the following American virtues and key cornerstones: power, wealth, strength, pride, and safety.

“We will restore peace through strength,” he said.

He also made the following vows:

  • He will uphold the Second Amendment,
  • End Joe Biden’s “war on American energy” and “drill baby drill!”
  • Implement TAX CUTS instead of tax hikes,
  • Terminate Joe Biden’s electric vehicle mandate,
  • Pass the Trump Reciprocal Trade Act. He explained it simply: “If you screw us, we screw you!”
  • Restore law and order and indemnify law enforcement,
  • Clean up and restore safety and security to Washington, D.C.,
  • Sign an executive order banning CRT and sexually-charged insanity in America’s public schools,
  • Keep men out of women’s sports,
  • Cut federal funding for schools with mask or vaccine mandates,
  • Secure America’s elections.

He urged Americans to do one simple thing to ensure that his America First agenda is brought back to the White House in 2025: “GO VOTE!”

“Our American liberty is your GOD-GIVEN RIGHT,” Trump said.

The president concluded, “And together, we will make America POWERFUL again. We will make America WEALTHY again. We will make America STRONG again. We will make America PROUD again. We will make America SAFE again! And we will MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!”

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