Trump would beat Biden in Nevada in potential 2024 matchup, poll finds

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President Donald Trump would mop the floor with Democrat opponent Joe Biden in a potential 2024 presidential matchup in the state of Nevada, based on findings from a new Blueprint Poll.

The poll, which was posted on Twitter through Interactive Polls, found that in a theoretical 2024 matchup, President Trump has a 10-point lead over Biden, netting 44 percent of potential Nevada voters. 

President Trump himself commented on the poll in a statement made through his Save America PAC. “Wow! We love you Nevada and I will be seeing you all very soon!” he said, alluding that he will perhaps be holding a rally in the Silver State very soon, which would thrill many of his supporters. 

Trump’s postulated presidential victory in 2024 in Nevada likely comes as no surprise to most Americans, and Joe Biden’s approval rating in the White House is abysmal. In fact, according to a recent ABC/Ipsos poll, only one percent of Americans think Biden is doing an “excellent” job. Additionally, in the same poll, 75 percent of people surveyed described the American economy under Biden as “poor.” 

In fact, in February, RSBN reported that inflation had hit an all-time 40-year high under Joe Biden, with consumer prices rising a staggering 7.5 percent in January.

Add to that a disastrous year of failed immigration policies, a humiliating and badly botched Afghanistan withdrawal that resulted in the deaths of 13 U.S. soldiers, rising gas prices, and an escalating crisis in Eastern Europe between Russia and Ukraine. It’s not hard at all to see why many Americans are trending toward the idea of reelecting President Donald Trump to the Oval Office.

So far, President Trump has two more rallies on the agenda. A Save America rally is scheduled for Saturday, April 2 at Washington Township, MI. A second rally is scheduled for Saturday, April 9, in Selma, North Carolina. Based on his comments about Nevada, it’s likely that he might be soon scheduling a rally for his supporters in the Silver State as well.

You can watch all of President Trump’s upcoming rallies on the RSBN app, GETTR, Rumble, and YouTube.

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