Trump’s eight-point plan to keep Jihadists OUT of America

by Hailey Gomez

Photo: Alamy

Former President Donald Trump released an eight-point plan on Monday “to keep jihadists and their sympathizers out of America” following the terrorist attack on Israel from Hamas. 

“These Hamas attacks are a disgrace, and Israel has every right to defend itself with overwhelming force,” said Trump in a statement amid the continuing war between Hamas and Israel.

The new strategy from the 45th president addresses a slew of issues, specifically addressing immigrants and wanting to “reinstate” and “reimplement” previous policies. 

Trump proposed that there would be an aggressive deportation of “resident aliens with jihadist sympathies,” invoking the “alien enemies act to accelerate domestic deportations” and implementing “strong ideological screening for all immigrants to the United States.”

In addition to stricter regulations regarding immigration and “resident aliens,” the former president wants to reimplement “a full suspension” of State Department “refugee resettlement.” He also seeks to reinstate and expand the “Trump travel ban on entry from terror-plagued countries, territories, and places.”

Trump also addresses student visas and demonstrations, notably following a slew of college campus protests in support of Palestine occurring across the United States this past weekend. 

What Trump will seek to do in response to the high concern on campuses is “revoke the student visas of radical anti-American and anti-semitic foreigners at colleges and universities.” 

The 45th president will pursue to “proactively send ice to pro-jihadist demonstrations to enforce our laws” and “remove” violators from the country.

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