Trump’s message for Super Tuesday voters across America: ‘VOTE TOMORROW!’

by Summer Lane

President Donald Trump urged high voter turnout on Monday evening from Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, where he also ripped “dishonest” mail-in ballots that are used in America today.

The president focused on looking ahead to Super Tuesday’s potential landslide clean sweep for his campaign and what that represents for the coming November 2024 general election.

“Mail-in voting will always be dishonest, okay? And it’s a shame we have it,” he told RSBN’s Brian Glenn during a special town hall on the eve of Super Tuesday.

He pointed to France’s voting system, which “recently switched to one-day paper ballots [and] same-day voting.”

Trump also brought up deep-blue states like California and New York, noting, “Why would I lose California automatically…? Or New York. I think I’d do well in New York.”

The president once again pointed the finger at dishonest election systems, adding, “If God came down and was your voter counter…I think we’d win the popular vote.”

Trump then urged Americans to show up and vote in the 2024 primary to “send a signal” for what’s coming in November 2024. “There’s a lot of LOVE,” he said.

The president later added, “I think we’re on a path to get tremendous numbers of votes.”

“Get out to VOTE tomorrow…we want to send a signal that we’re coming, this freight train’s COMING…I think it’s going to be RECORD-SETTING. I hope so.”

He added, “I think it’s going to be the most important date and day in the history of our country.”

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