Trump’s Q&A in New Hampshire contrasts with Biden’s habit of hiding from questions

by Jessica Marie Baumgartner

Photo: Alamy

After his Thursday afternoon speech in New Hampshire, President Trump once again took questions from the crowd.

His style of reaching out to Americans personally has earned him the title “The People’s President” from leaders across the nation and strongly contrasts the hide-and-seek attitude the Biden administration currently displays when facing communications with the press or the people. 

President Trump discussed serious hot-button issues like fair play in women’s sports, supporting the military and law enforcement, as well as the current state of the economy. 

When asked about the North Korean threat, President Trump discussed how he was able to get along with Kim Jong Un and even got North Korea to participate in the Olympics held in South Korea. 

He stated, “We did a great job with North Korea. We will be able to deal with North Korea.”

Meanwhile, Biden faces criticism for being caught using a press “cheat sheet” with pre-recorded questions at a recent press conference, according to The Telegraph

Further, Biden’s habit of ignoring the press has become commonplace since taking the White House. By October 2021, he was known for turning his back on reporters as they shouted questions at him, per Fox News.

Just this past St. Patrick’s Day, the New York Post reported that he laughed at press questions and ignored them after meeting with Irish leader, Leo Varakara. Biden’s lack of engagement with the press has overshadowed the fact that he has rarely connected with Americans since taking office. 

President Trump is well aware of this and filling the void for those who wish to discuss serious political issues. At his New Hampshire event, the last question he took involved the radical left’s attack on law enforcement. 

He clearly responded by stating, “We took care of our police. We are going to take care of our police. And we’re gonna make sure that we support our police.”

President Trump smiled and waved, as he always does at these events. He took his time and shook hands, unlike Biden who has been known to wander away aimlessly. 

President Trump concluded his event by proudly declaring, “God bless you all, we’ll be back!” 

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