Trump’s Texas rally SHATTERS state record with MASSIVE crowds

by Summer Lane

President Donald J. Trump held an electric Save America Rally in Conroe, Texas on Saturday night as he gave remarks to an incredibly excited and massive crowd, perhaps the biggest one in rally history.

President Trump told the crowd that, shortly before he took the stage, a Texas politician told him it was “the biggest crowd of its kind in the history of Texas.” Early estimates put the rally audience at 90,000 attendees, or possibly more.

The 45th president’s communications director posted a stunning photo of the crowd in Texas.

Rally-goers were charged with enthusiasm after waiting hours to see President Trump and support him as he gave his much-anticipated remarks, taking unabashed swings at Joe Biden’s failing administration, the debacle in Ukraine, rising inflation, and supply chain crisis. “This is a big crowd!” Trump lauded as he took the stage. “Hello Texas! It’s good to be back in this wonderful, beautiful state with patriots…!”

As the crowd roared with excitement, Trump stepped up to the podium and said, “You’re going to tell [the Democrats] don’t mess with Texas, because Texas is never, ever turning blue.” He added, “We have to save America, there’s never been a time like this.”

President Trump touched on topics ranging from Biden’s “complete abdication of duty” to the staggering violence spreading throughout the United States thanks to the open borders and the influx of criminal illegal immigrants.

To illustrate his point, Trump even read Al Wilson’s 1968 poem called, “The Snake,” which details the story of a woman nursing a poisonous snake back to life shortly before it bites her and kills her. The president often read this poem during his 2016 campaign for president. “You knew damn well I was a snake before you took me in,” he read. “That’s what’s happening to the United States with illegal immigration.”

As tensions mount between Russia and Ukraine, Trump additionally pointed out that he was a president of peace. “I was proud to be the first president in decades that did not get the United States into any new wars.”

One thing is for sure: the crowd in Conroe was staggering, highlighting the reality that countless Americans are not only supportive of President Trump, but deeply concerned about the state of the country today.

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