Trump’s Truth Social expands globally

2H49AW6 Truth social media on smartphone. TRUTH Social is America?s ?Big Tent? social media platform owned by Donald Trump

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President Donald Trump’s social media platform, Truth Social, reached a new milestone on Wednesday as it became available to users in the United Kingdom.

CEO Devin Nunes publicly announced plans to expand the business last week on the John Solomon Reports podcast. According to the former California congressman, British content creators “put out a lot of really good work, and they don’t get much engagement on the usual platforms.”

Subsequently, Nunes offered hope to international users that fear censorship, “You’re going to have a lot better engagement on Truth Social than you will anywhere else, and you don’t have that risk of being censored for your political views.”

Additionally, Nunes highlighted the history of the United Kingdom as a “great place to get established” as an international brand. When asked how the foreign operations were going, Nunes stated that “the technology is working really, really well.”

Undoubtedly, the free speech platform is accelerating at breakneck speed, considering that the app debuted in America less than six months ago. Due to differing views, Nunes predicts that there are “tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands,” of banned content creators in the U.K. Therefore, Nunes is offering Truth Social as the haven for free speech online.

Before the global expansion, Nunes announced that the company plans to roll out more updates to improve user satisfaction.

Specifically, Truth Social is trying to consolidate “the best of TikTok and Facebook and Instagram and the other platforms” into one source, said Nunes. Strategically, “we’re not using any of these companies that could cancel us.” Therefore, Truth Social has partnered with Rumble as a hosting site to protect its servers from being shut down.

Historically, free speech practitioners have been canceled on Big Tech platforms for stating facts or opinions regarding controversial topics. However, according to Nunes, Truth Social has become the “shining city on a hill that people are flocking to.

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