Trust in Trump continues to mount with Latino voters when it comes to immigration, according to a new survey

by Jason Collins

Photo: Alamy

The November elections are just around the corner, and President Trump’s support continues to grow, especially with Latino voters.

A new survey that Newsmax reported was conducted by Equis that asked 1,592 registered Latino voters some questions about who they trusted when it came to immigration.

The survey, which was conducted between April 20 and May 5 this year, revealed that 41 percent of Hispanic participants in the battleground states trusted President Trump with immigration compared to the 38 percent that preferred Biden. Non-Hispanic voters also trusted President Trump over Biden with 49 percent, whereas Biden only earned 34 percent of the vote. 

The survey revealed that one of the biggest reasons Latino voters feel this way about Biden is his broken promises. Equis said in the results that this mistrust for Biden and the Democrats is because they “make promises about immigration reform during the campaign but fail to deliver once they have won.”

A staggering 72 percent of Latino participants do not trust Biden because of a history of broken promises, and another 65 percent feel that he fails to deliver. 

President Trump’s support from Latino voters continues to grow, as evidenced by the rebranding of his campaign’s Hispanic outreach called “Latino Americans for Trump.”

NBC News reported what Jaime Florez, who is the Hispanic communications director for the Republican National Committee and the President Trump campaign, had to say about this campaign. “We as Latinos want to be treated as what we are. We are already American. This is our country,” and added, “ Trump gave us the opportunity to feel more united with the idea of working together to make America great again.” 

While Biden may have won 63 percent of the Latino vote in 2020, this survey shows how that support has slipped out of his reach this year. 

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