Truth Social rises to No. 1 in Google Play Store

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Trump’s social media app, Truth Social, rocketed to the top spot in the Google Play Store upon its long-awaited arrival for Android users. The immediate deluge of downloads demonstrated a widespread hunger from users looking for a social media platform that facilitates free speech.

On Thursday, Truth Social’s official account noted that “In just 24 hours, #TruthSocial has cracked the top 10 most downloaded social media apps in the Google Play Store! Tell all your #Android friends to join you on Truth and help us get to #1!”

By Friday, Truth Social had surpassed all other free app downloads to claim the No. 1 spot in the entire Google store.

Screenshot of the Google app ratings

Truth Social’s account reacted to the news, adding, “WOW! #TruthSocial is the #1 free app in the Google Play Store!!! A big thank you to all our new Android users – welcome to freedom!”

Truth Social’s availability in the Google Play Store comes several weeks after the Big Tech giant initially barred the app from its site. However, Google and Truth Social worked together to develop moderation policies that were deemed acceptable to greenlight the app’s inclusion in the store, per RSBN.

Truth Social initially launched in February and was first available in the Apple App Store. The app also hit No. 1 in downloads in the Apple Store when it was released, signaling widespread anticipation and excitement among users looking for alternatives to censorship-rampant sites like Twitter.

According to a report from Reuters, Truth Social’s inclusion in the Google Play Store will make it easy and convenient for Android users – who comprise around 40 percent of U.S. smartphones – to download Truth Social.

Previously, the site was accessible only to those with access to the Apple App Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, or web app.

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