Truth Social SOARS, hitting ‘RECORD’ traffic levels on Tuesday

2K25K5C In this photo illustration, the social media platform, Truth Social logo seen displayed on a smartphone with a photo of former US President Donald Trump displayed in the background.

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President Donald Trump’s free speech platform, Truth Social, soared to new heights on Tuesday, highlighting the continued growth and expanding potential for the site in an era where Big Tech censorship remains a threat to Americans everywhere.

“Thank you to our wonderful users for helping Truth Social hit RECORD traffic levels during last night’s State of the Union address,” the official Truth Social account stated. “It was a great night for free speech — and there are many more to come.”

On Tuesday, just hours before Joe Biden’s scheduled State of the Union address, President Trump announced that he would be delivering a live “Play by Play” analysis of his reaction to the speech exclusively on Truth Social.

The president said that he would be posting his comments “by popular request.”

Trump quipped, “If properly done, and if Joe has just a modestly good night, this speech has the opportunity to rival any of the World’s great orators, including, Lincoln, Washington, and, of course, the late, great, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Sir Winston Churchill. Watch Truth Social tonight. Enjoy!”

Via RSBN, President Trump confirmed Truth Social’s record traffic levels Wednesday, celebrating the “Big night” and touting “Millions and Millions of people” who had signed on to check out his analysis of Biden’s address.

His most popular post of the night, a video rebuttal to Biden’s address that Trump called the “REAL” State of the Union, received over 14,000 reposts and nearly 51,000 likes.

“Despite all of the obstacles put in our path by the SEC, others in Government, and the Fake News Media, it is a giant success that reaches massive numbers of people, both Friend & Foe! Thank you!” Trump added.

Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech from Biden drew the ire of conservatives, who found his speech to be much more divisive than unifying in nature. As reported by RSBN, Rep. Matt Gaetz, R-Fla., reacted to the address on Twitter, stating, “Under President Trump the State of the Union was STRONG! Under Joe Biden, our country is in a state of decline.”

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