Tucker Carlson calls AOC a ‘tool of the billionaire class’

by Meredith Minto

Tucker Carlson ripped Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez last week, calling her a “tool” of the big companies and the billionaire class – the very class she claims to fight against.

Carlson said during a podcast with Vince Coglianese and Jason Nichols on “Save the Nation” that AOC is the “opposite” of what she claims to fight against when standing with businesses like Google and Facebook meanwhile small independent businesses have been hurt over the past year due to the pandemic.

“She is doing the exact opposite,” the Fox News anchor added. “As independent businesses run -in many cases- by black and brown immigrants have been completely destroyed in the past year and a half – she, and all the people like her, have sided with the big multinationals like Google and Facebook. Are you joking?”

Although Carlson said he supported her efforts to go after Amazon, but he can’t support her “doing the bidding of the billionaire class.”

“You are on the side of the powerful, against the weak,” Carlson says.

AOC has long been outspoken about her beliefs on the billionaire class and how the income inequality gap continues to expand here in the United States. However, she has been criticized by capitalists for her hypocrisy.

Despite agreeing with ideals along the lines of “eat the rich,” AOC has seen her net worth significantly increase since taking a seat in Congress.

She has also enjoyed attending events alongside the world’s richest and most elite. Last summer, she came under fire for wearing a “Tax the Rich” dress to the Met gala which costs $30,000 per ticket, and $275,000 per seat at a table.

In the interview with Carlson, Vince Coglianese explained he believes AOC was instrumental in making the rich richer and poor poorer.

“She was part of a system that led to more vulnerable people being devastated, not fewer,” he added.

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