Tucker Carlson’s interview with man who claims he had drug-fueled sex encounter with Obama goes viral

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

Tucker Carlson released perhaps his most controversial interview yet this week on X, sitting down with a man named Larry Sinclair, who has claimed to have had a past sex and drug experience with former President Barack Obama.

Sinclair, who came forward with his alleged previous encounter with Obama when the former president was initially running his presidential campaign in the early 2000s, was largely overlooked by the media for years.

Carlson, who was booted from Fox News this spring, allowed him to tell his story for 40 uninterrupted minutes on his new show, which is exclusively available on X.

Sinclair, who is openly gay, claims to have met a younger Barack Obama in 1999 in Chicago, Illinois, when he was “looking to party” while visiting the city. Sinclair alleges that he did cocaine with Obama in a limousine and that the two engaged in sexual activities in the car on the night they met.

After doing a line of cocaine on “a CD tray,” Sinclar told Carlson, “It went the direction I intended it to go.”

He further alleged that they repeated this encounter the next day when Obama allegedly showed up at his hotel, the Comfort Inn, with more cocaine. He said, “I had no warning. I was in the room, there’s a knock on the door – I open the door and he’s standing there…with coke…it was like a quick rehash from the night before.”  

Later, Sinclair said he saw Obama at the Democrat National Convention and immediately recognized him. “I started cracking up,” he remarked. “…It was a strange feeling sitting there and realizing who he was.”

Sinclair also claimed he received a phone call from Donald Young, the former choir director at Jeremiah Wright’s church in Chicago. Young was mysteriously found shot dead in his apartment in 2007, not long after allegedly warning Sinclair to “be careful,” he claimed.

Sinclair said Young told him he had known Obama for “quite some time” and “had an intimate relationship with him.”

Further, Sinclair said that he came forward with his story years ago because he wanted Obama and the campaign to tell the truth about the former president’s past drug use and, apparently, sexual proclivities.

“I think he’s the same grifter he’s always been,” Sinclair stated, suggesting that Obama was still “calling the shots in the Biden administration.”

However, not everyone has been receptive to Sinclair’s story. X owner Elon Musk called for “objective evidence” to prove the story rather than words alone. Regardless, the interview has still amassed over 21 million views so far, just one day after its release. It has also renewed public interest in rumors and questions surrounding Obama’s seemingly murky past.

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