TUNE IN: Trump to Address North Carolina GOP Convention Saturday


Don’t miss former President Trump’s Saturday night remarks when he takes the stage at the North Carolina GOP’s 2021 Convention.

Trump is set to speak during a dinner held at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, N.C. on Saturday, June 5 at 7:00 P.M. EST, where he will discuss a host of controversial topics.

“A great honor to be speaking at the North Carolina GOP convention tomorrow night. I understand the place will be packed, all records broken!,” Trump said in a statement on Friday ahead of the event.

“North Carolina produced a big victory for us, without a fraudulent outcome—missing ballots, illegal voting, dead people voting, and all of the other Democrat tricks,” he continued. “Before my Election in 2016, everybody said North Carolina was going ‘Blue,’ now they are saying that the Great State of North Carolina is surging big for Republicans. Look at the results we have produced. Thank you to Michael Whatley and the state party.”

“See you tomorrow night!”, the former president said with enthusiasm.

Trump’s speech comes amid the Fauci email revelations about the beginning of the pandemic – a topic which Trump adviser Jason Miller said will be at the forefront of his Saturday remarks.

RSBN will bring the event to you live from all of our platforms! The YouTube link to the stream is provided below: https://youtu.be/-LwdxF5Sm4U.

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