Video: Kids jump for JOY after being told they can take their masks off

by Summer Lane

Schoolchildren in Las Vegas, Nevada jumped for joy when their teacher informed them that they would no longer have to wear a mask after Gov. Steve Sisolak (D) made the decision to immediately end the statewide indoor mask mandate this week.

The video of the happy schoolchildren has been circulating online since Thursday, highlighting the relief and excitement of the elementary classroom in light of the news.

Nevada joined a chorus of Democrat-led states this week that have decided to roll back mask mandates. RSBN reported this week that four Democrat governors had announced their plans to peel back mask mandates for schools in Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware, and Oregon.

Gov. Sisolak, according to the Las Vegas Sun, gave this statement regarding his decision to end the Nevada mask mandate: “I’m hopeful that we’re in a good position to drop this [mandate], to give people back some freedom…everyone wants to get back to their normal life, whatever normal is.”

Additionally, mask mandates have been repeatedly struck down by the courts across the country. For example, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court ruled in December 2021 that mask mandates for schoolchildren were invalid because they were imposed without the proper legal authority.

Further, the New York Supreme Court struck down mask mandates in January, with Justice Thomas Rademaker calling the “unconstitutional” mandates for schools and businesses “null, void, and unenforceable.”

Conservative strongholds such as Florida and Texas have largely left the decision of mask mandate implementation to counties and school districts, although Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) took action against mandatory masking and vaccines by signing an executive order prohibiting them in August 2021. Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., has also acted strongly to incentivize school districts to refrain from masking schoolchildren by utilizing the Florida State Board of Education to fine schools imposing mask mandates in violation of state law.

The reaction of joy from schoolchildren in Las Vegas clearly demonstrates the reality that kids in the classroom are tired of being forced to mask up to attend school. As more states nix their mask mandates, Americans can expect to see more smiling faces in classrooms across the country.

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