Vivek delivers an inspiring message of American exceptionalism by urging Wisconsin voters to back President Trump

by Lisa Noeth

Photo: Alamy

On June 18 in Racine, Wisconsin, President Trump drew huge crowds to his campaign rally. Vivek Ramaswamy spoke to the crowd with the theme of American exceptionalism by urging the crowd to support President Trump in November. 

Vivek’s message of restoring American pride resonated with Wisconsin voters. Vivek explains the role of government to the crowd by stating:

The people we elect to run the government should be the ones who *actually* run the government. That’s what shutting down the deep state is really all about.

His message conveyed the government works only for the American people and the government elected by the American people.

Vivek also encouraged Wisconsin voters to back President Trump to bring our nation to greatness and prosperity again. 

Vivek inspired young voters “who are hungry for purpose, direction, and meaning” to join President Trump and the America First movement to re-elect President Trump.

He highlighted the importance of free speech regardless of party affiliation. Vivek reassured the crowd that the American Dream is alive and well under the future direction of President Trump’s next term.

Vivek energized the crowd by declaring it’s time for all Americans—whether Democrats, Independents, or Libertarians—to come together and use our voices to restore America.

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