Voter Reference Foundation: ‘We are making elections more transparent’

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An election integrity group known as the Voter Reference Foundation on Wednesday announced an absentee-ballot tracker that will be used in key battleground states during the midterm elections, according to Just the News.

The watchdog group for election integrity offers voters more transparency by making more information available to the public.

Voter Reference Foundation Executive Director Gina Swoboda said, “Our mission is to make voter information more accessible to the public.” She explained, “It is the public that bears the cost to collect and maintain this data across the country.”

According to the Voter Reference Foundation’s press release, “Starting this week, the public can go to a VRF portal to track on a daily basis sent and returned absentee ballots in North Carolina, Georgia, and Wisconsin. ” The press release added that information for Michigan and Nevada will also be available soon.

The foundation claims the digital records will be updated daily and made available to the public on their website.

The Voter Reference Foundation explained that absentee voters will be able to search “by name or address” and “examine voter histories.”

Election integrity has become an important issue for millions of Americans throughout the past year. With the use of electronic voting machines, evidence of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election, and the heightened use of mail-in ballots and drop boxes, the American people have demanded safeguards for future elections.

Several states have already instituted voting reforms and election integrity laws to prevent voter fraud in the midterm elections.

The Voter Reference Foundation’s latest move is a step in the right direction toward protecting the integrity of U.S. elections.

By providing more information to the public, Swoboda said, “We are making elections more transparent, piece-by-piece.”

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