VoterGA: 74 Georgia counties can’t produce original ballot images from 2020 election

by Summer Lane

A new press conference from the dedicated election integrity organization VoterGA has found that 74 Georgia counties cannot produce the original ballot images from the 2020 presidential election. VoterGA is also the same organization that is hitting the State of Georgia with a lawsuit that aims to ban Dominion Voting Systems from all future state and federal elections. 

According to VoterGA’s co-founder, Garland Favorito, they believe that many of Georgia’s original ballot images were destroyed. Digital ballot images are automatically created by Dominion Voting machines for tabulation – and according to VoterGA, they should still be available to view. Additionally, the election integrity group stated the following about the press conference on their Rumble page: 

“Digital ballot images are a key component of election records that are automatically created by the Dominion voting system and used to tabulate results. Digital ballot images are a key component of election records that are required to be retained for a period of about two years by federal and state retention laws. At least 56 counties have admitted in writing that they do not have all or many images while another 18 counties failed to comply with Open Records Requests at the time of the press conference. The results were compiled by a VoterGA ballot image analysis team that served all 159 Georgia counties with those Open Records Requests.”

Georgia is no stranger to the spotlight in terms of election irregularities and allegations of voter fraud. Fulton County has in the hot seat after it was plagued with reports of rampant fraud during the 2020 election. President Trump himself cited Garland Favorito and VoterGA’s work investigating the fraud in Georgia, detailing the shocking information revealed there. 

“According to the just released report from Garland Favorito and the highly respected Voter GA, in Fulton County the hand recount was wrong by 60%,” Trump said. “100,000 tally sheets for ballots were missing; they duplicated thousands of extra votes for Joe Biden; and fabricated vote counts of 100–0 for Biden, many times! Ballot batch sheets fraudulently showed multiple unanimous 100–0 counts for Biden, as well as 150–0, and 200–0. Are we now in a Third World country? What else will they find once the full Forensic Audit takes place?” 

Trump went on to add, “This is corruption at the highest level. Our Nation is at stake!” 

VoterGA’s information regarding the missing ballot images from 74 Georgia counties is significant, especially in a key battleground state where Joe Biden only maintained a margin of victory that was barely over 12,000 votes. Thousands of voters are affected by just this one discovery alone, which is enough to tip the scales in Trump’s favor in terms of a 2020 presidential Georgia victory.

Will Georgia’s election results eventually be decertified? It’s hard to say. There is no historical precedent for decertifying a presidential election result, but there has also never been such overwhelming evidence of malevolent, damaging election irregularities and voter fraud.

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