VoterGA reveals election-changing discrepancies in Georgia

VoterGA, a non-partisan election integrity group, held a press conference on Monday in Roswell, Georgia, where they released a report allegedly proving Georgia’s 2020 presidential election was compromised.

Joe Biden was certified as the winner of Georgia’s 16 electoral votes, defeating Donald Trump in the Peach State by 11,779 votes. Former Republican Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler also narrowly lost their runoff elections to Democrats in January 2021, giving Democrats control of the U.S. Senate.

However, VoterGA accused Fulton County election officials of engaging in illegal activity that deceitfully changed the results.

First, the group cited the voting machines as a source of fraud. According to VoterGA, Georgia requires ballot images to be publicly published; however, 17,724 votes in Fulton County were missing corresponding ballot images.

Over 13,300 of these ballots were won by Biden, while Trump won about 4,300. Fulton County’s votes without ballot images alone exceeds Biden’s 11,779 vote margin over Trump in Georgia.

All 374,128 in-person ballots were also missing their “.TIF ballot image” files, a violation of state law, but they were counted anyway.

VoterGA reported that of Fulton County’s 148,318 mail-in ballots, only 16,034 were authenticated correctly. However, their “.SHA authentication” files were added days after the ballots were scanned, which the group said was “not possible.”

“That’s not possible,” said Garland Favorito, a co-founder of VoterGA. “What that means is there’s not a single ballot cast in Fulton County that we can authenticate.”

VoterGA also reported that only one ballot could be scanned per second. Still, Fulton County had 4,000 votes that were each scanned at the same time, which the group said was impossible unless the ballots were fraudulent.

Furthermore, VoterGA alleges bad actors electronically manipulated an additional 104,994 ballot image files, each with duplicate timestamps, before they were counted and certified at an unrealistically slow pace, according to VoterGA.

In another instance, ten ballots were adjudicated by a single person in one minute, which is “obviously impossible,” the group added.

“This is an example of cut and paste,” they said. “Somebody modified the files, came in, and literally pasted in the times.”

In addition, the closing tapes for 6,429 ballots were not signed by a poll manager and two witnesses, as required by law, and those for 5,695 ballots were missing. These ballots were still counted, despite not being legally verified.

The closing tapes for early in-person voting were also unsigned, VoterGA reported, and all 315,000 early ballots were not certified by poll managers. However, they still were counted despite violating Georgia election law.

“This alone says that something happened with these ballots when they were being counted,” said the group. “This to me says Fulton County should have never certified their election results.”

According to VoterGA’s findings, hundreds of thousands of votes in Fulton County alone were cast and recorded fraudulently.

If other counties experienced what reportedly occurred in Fulton County, millions of votes could have been tampered with during the Georgia election and other states too.

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