Wisconsin GOP county demands FULL investigation into WEC’s voting system

by Summer Lane

The Wisconsin Republican Party of Ozaukee County is demanding a full investigation of the Wisconsin Election Commission’s data system, according to a resolution penned by Chairman Kathy Broghammer. This resolution is being brought forth in response to the shocking reports of voter fraud and irregularities that occurred throughout the 2020 presidential election.

On Wednesday, the state’s Committee on Campaign and Elections revealed that there were 119,283 active voters on the Wisconsin voter rolls who had been registered for over 100 years. Additionally, the committee also reported hundreds of thousands of inactive voters, totaling at over 500,000 instances of inactive or invalid voters on the old rolls. This is especially troubling, given the fact that Joe Biden’s victory in Wisconsin was obtained only through 20,682 votes, as reported by NPR.

Additionally, the Wisconsin Legislative Audit Bureau concluded in October, based on their reportedly nonpartisan audit, that there was a massive amount of missing information on absentee ballots during the 2020 election, despite their claim that the election was “safe and secure.” Their own report shows the cold, hard data regarding irregularities that occurred during the election. In fact, the bureau even made 30 recommendations to the Wisconsin Election Commission that would assist in securing the election in the future.

The resolution from the Wisconsin GOP cites the Legislative Audit Bureau report, as well as a report from the Wisconsin Institute for Law and Liberty that found thousands of questionable voter registration applications and ballots. “Be it resolved,” the resolution states, “that the Republican Party of Osaukee County demands a full investigation of the WEC data system by an expert and independent auditing organization to determine who owns, operates, and guarantees the security of the WEC data system, where the system is hosted, who has and has had access to the WEC data system, and whether any Osaukee County voter’s identity has been compromised by intrusion by any unauthorized parties.”

Wisconsin, like several other key battleground states from the 2020 presidential election, continues to shock the nation with staggering reports of election fraud that, if there are legal ramifications for the irregularities, could potentially upset the final results of the 2020 election. Many have speculated that because of the rampant fraud that reportedly occurred across the country during the presidential election of 2020, several states should decertify their election results and hold new elections, which could potentially upset Joe Biden’s position in the White House. Although decertification of a presidential election result would be historically unprecedented, if the evidence continues to pile up, it is not impossible.

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