With the South Carolina primary just around the corner, Trump sets his sights on the general election

by Summer Lane

Photo: Alamy

President Donald Trump seemed to make a noticeable pivot from focusing on the GOP primary campaign on Wednesday night, setting his sights on the November 2024 general election now that the only remaining GOP presidential candidate to challenge him appears to be approaching the midnight hour of her campaign.

In South Carolina, Trump held a “Get Out the Vote Rally” in North Charleston, delivering energetic remarks to a huge crowd of fired-up Palmetto State Republican voters.

He slammed “Birdbrain” Nikki Haley for staying in the GOP race, noting, “What the hell is she wasting her time for?”

With that being said, he heavily attacked Joe Biden, delivering a slate of rapid-fire remarks that focused on contrasting the success of the Trump administration against what is going on in the nation under Biden’s failed leadership.

“With your help we are going to win this state…and we are going to TAKE BACK OUR COUNTRY!” he vowed.

The 45th president pointed out, “Under the Trump administration, you were better off, your FAMILY was better off, your NEIGHBORS were better off, your COMMUNITIES were better off, and OUR COUNTRY was better off.”

He stated that America was far richer, safer, and simply more “confident” under the Trump administration than the failing landscape of the country currently as Bidenomics wreaks havoc upon the middle class.

President Trump also dug in hard on the issue of illegal immigration, stating that no country would “allow this to happen to their country, there’s never been anything worse than our border.” He derided the impact that illegal immigration was having on African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans.

He further explained that American unions would be eventually destroyed if illegal immigration was allowed to continue. “They’re not going to be able to compete when these people are coming in…unions are going to be totally decimated,” he said.

With his focus set firmly on reclaiming the Oval Office, Wednesday night seemed to mark a bit of a narrative shift for the president as it has become abundantly clear that he will be the 2024 Republican presidential nominee and go to the mat on behalf of working Americans against Joe Biden in November.

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