Youngkin celebrates victory: ‘Virginia will be OPEN for business!’

Shortly after it was confirmed that Glenn Youngkin would be the projected winner of the Commonwealth of Virginia, the governor-elect delivered a passionate victory speech.

Youngkin, a conservative and Trump-endorsed candidate, celebrated his victory with his family and loved ones, campaign staff members, and supporters in the city of Chantilly, Va. on Tuesday night.

The governor-elect, joined by his wife, daughter, and son, emotionally approached the podium to address supporters.

“Together we will change the trajectory of this Commonwealth,” Youngkin began. “We are going to start that transformation on day one!”

“Our kids can’t wait, we work in REAL PEOPLE time, not government time!” Youngkin said.

Youngkin, enthusiastic about his victory, emphasized that he will work on reversing a lot of the progressive policies that have been affecting Virginians for years.

Among some of the objectives he plans to tackle include getting rid of restrictions and mandates related to the Covid-19 pandemic, public school reform, school choice, lower taxes, and increased law enforcement to combat rising crime rates.

It appears the Republican governor-elect will address high tax rates by eliminating the grocery tax, reducing gas tax hikes, guaranteeing a tax refund for working class families, and cutting back retirement income taxes on America’s Veterans.

“We’re gonna comprehensively fund law enforcement because they stand up for us, and we are going to stand up for them,” Youngkin said. In addition, he said his team would be working on replacing the “entire parole board” on “day one” of his governorship.

“It’s time for Virginia to be the place where everyone wants to live, not leave. A place where the relentless pursuit for a better life, for prosperity, is not burdened or blocked by self interest in politicians who are more focused on their futures than those they were elected to serve,” a passionate Youngkin said.

“From the farms of the Shanendole Valley, to the docks and shipyards of Hampton Roads, to the coalfields in Southwest Virginia, to the banks of the James River, to the memorials in Arlington National Cemetery, this is our Virginia to build together and we are going to go to work on day one,” Youngkin reiterated.

The governor-elect ran his campaign in favor of the working class. It was also one of the most diverse campaigns within the state, with record-breaking African-American, Hispanic, and Asian voter turnout.

In a neck-in-neck race, Glenn Youngkin defeated Democrat opponent Terry McAuliffe with 50.7 percent of the vote. McCauliffe conceded the race Wednesday morning, further solidifying the victory for the Republican candidate.

The victory within the Commonwealth of Virginia represents a glimmer of hope for American citizens concerned and disappointed with the Biden administration and other Democrat officials.

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